SOPLETS is a Java coding pattern which allows you organizing the logics contained in your code in a consistent, systematic way by just using annotations and enumerations.

Coding the SOPLETS way means, that every bit of information relevant to your application is stored exactly once, in one single place, and used from thereon only by references. That way you reliably avoid duplications, logical inconsistencies, and thus bugs and other issues.

Take a short tour thru our Prezi tutorial in order to understand how Soplets work, why it matters to you, and how you can use them for your projects (click on the
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23. May 2012:
Soplet presentation 
at JUG Karlsruhe:
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Learn how you can apply the Soplet pattern to your code, which tools can you can use, which use case make sense for Soplets etc.
Discuss with others:
What impact will Soplets have on the software industrie? Does MDA the way we know it make any sense any more? What are the limitations of Soplets? How can I convinve my boss? etc.

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There are many ways you can contribute: by helping to advance the Eclipse/Lombok plugin, by writing blogs and/or articles, or just be giving us your feedback and opinion